※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 From the author of Dragon Zakura, the manga that shook the college admissions test-prep world in Japan to the core, comes a new work depicting high-stakes dealings in the stock market at an exceptional secondary school. The day after Takashi Zaizen entered the illustrious Dojuku Academy with top test scores, he was let in on the institution’s deepest secret, an introduced to the mysterious “investment club.” A six-person group made up of the top student from each class at Dojuku, the club carries a heavy responsibility: to generate an annual return of 8% or more on the school’s 300 billion yen endowment, keeping the top-class schools facilities in shape and tuition at zero. “The most thrilling game in the world, the thing that sets men’s blood ablaze… is money. Investment.” With those words, the genius Zaizen’s story of thrill and profit begins. Follow his road: read, learn, and start earning!
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 After entering Dojuku Academy with top test scores, Takashi Zaizen quits the baseball team, and enters the shadowy “Investment Club.” Now, he makes his first investment: in a bold move, he sinks 3 billion yen into his favorite game manufacturer. Catapulted into the world of grabbing profits, cutting losses, and hedging risks, he learns the harsh lessons passed down through Dojuku’s 130 years of history. What key strategies will Takashi discover in his fight to win on his first gamble?
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 “This is it – I’m buying!” As he progresses in the Investment Club, Takashi Zaizen must deal with a new rival – Miyuki Fujita, great-great-granddaughter of the club’s founder. Part of the stock investment game since age 9, and able to turn 10,000 dollars into 20 million yen in only three years, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 Zaizen Takashi is back in Investor Z’s fourth installation with his biggest proposal yet: to sell all the real assets that the Dojuku Academy Investment Club collected over the years, and invest the money in venture companies. The one condition? Takashi must go directly to the head of the Fujita family and convince him that the plan will work. In Volume 4 Takashi travels from Hokkaido to Tokyo to meet the Fujita family head, and the battle between the old generation and the new generation finally begins. Has genius investor Takashi finally met his match? “Boys, be ambitious!” And be rich!
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 After successfully selling the Investment Club’s treasures and gaining 1.5 billion yen, Zaizen Takashi embarks on his next big adventure: discovering the roots of the Dojuku Academy Investment Club and the Zaizen family. In order to do accomplish this task, Takashi opens the first club captain’s notebook. “February 1904. Outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War.” Inside the first captain’s notebook is a history of Japan’s economy from the Meiji Period to the Heisei Period! Before he realizes it, Takashi is catapulted back in time to the Meiji Period Dojuku Academy, with a student who looks exactly like him standing right before his eyes. His name? Tatsugoro… Zaizen! Mita’s latest installment to Investor Z promises one of the biggest adventures yet, with the main stage set in the Meiji Period. “Back to the Future?” More like “Back to Meiji!”
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 Founder of our Investment Club aspired to become a money-maker for Japan’s future… After witnessing the establishment of the Club, Zaizen Takashi asks himself whether he also has a “great belief”. Even though Zaizen strongly claimed to start the venture investment, he still has not been able to invest a penny. Having a chance to meet Richie, the angel investor, Zaizen learned the essence and the philosophy of building a startup. “Building a startup is to become the first penguin. Take the risks and jump into the sea of opportunities!” Will Zaizen be able to make his first venture investment?
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 To discover the roots of Dojuku Academy and his ancestry, Zaizen had an extraordinary encounter with the “Legendary Investing Genius”, Ryugoro. Now Takashi’s interest was focused on Fujita Kaneshichi. The founder of Dojuku Academy and the self-made billionaire, Kaneshichi was the man who spotted Ryugoro’s talent. Born in the Edo Period and lived through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa, how did Kaneshichi make his first fortune? The clue was in the last days of Shogunate rule where there was a great chance for getting rich through money alchemy... Another encounter was with the fiercest and toughest alumni corps of the investment club. Attending the club’s traditional summer camp, acquaintance with his alumni became a living hell for Takashi! What could he learn from the history and predecessors?
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 “I won’t do this anymore!”After enduring the unfair training at the Investment Club’s summer camp, Zaizen finally snaps and gets back at the old boys. Is there any point in going through such an awful camp? But then Zaizen gets to know what his great grandfather Ryugoro said to the oldest of the OBs during the war: “Do not view the world in terms of good or bad but in terms of profit and loss.”What intention is Ryugoro hiding in these words ……? And then finally the venture investment starts! In the mysterious venture village Zaizen meets Miyuki’s brother Shingo Fujita, successor of the Fujita clan, and the infamous Horiemon!!
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 “That’s impossible!!” University student Nakagawa asks Horiemon for a 10 million Yen investment for his immortality business. When Nakagawa is on the verge of throwing in the towel due to the difficulty of the task assigned to him, Horiemon shouts: “A venture means to make the impossible possible!!”On the other hand Machida Noriko’s elder sister Hiroko is searching for a job and gets to talk to the founder of a certain venture company. Although she already got a position as intern at a big corporation with the perspective of securing a firm job, her resolution wavers after hearing how this man has established his own business. And then… Find out what challenges and choices are waiting in volume 9!!
※本商品は英語版コミックです。ご購入の際はご注意ください。 The world’s most useful manga on moneymaking! Curtain up for an investment battle with the future of the investment club at stake!! Finally the first of the three investment challenges between Zaizen and his rival Shingo Fujita commences, the subject being Foreign Exchange – But isn’t FX just gambling?! “My … My money is dissolving in an instant ……!” Can Zaizen, who doesn’t even know the meaning of a strong or weak yen, possibly match his rival? Find out in volume 10, where both opponents’ pride is put to the test. And learn the very basics of capitalism and foreign exchange at the same time!